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I purchased RCI in 2011 through Parkway at Vacation Village in Kissimee, FL. I was sold on the idea that I would be able to travel annually at no cost besides the annual fees & initial investment of $12,000.00.

THAT was the first lie. Anytime I wanted to stay anywhere there ARE fees i.e. Exchange fees in the hundreds near to a thousand or more depending on length of stay and quality of resort/hotel (as well as taxes) AND booking fees?! cancellation fees?!

Transfer fees? You would think your initial investment would cover cost of booking, cancellation or transfer fees. RCI Travel is an alternative to using points in which you can purchase hotels and such at a "discount" but with THEIR exorbitant fees, you are better off going through a travel website with no booking fees, some have no cancellation fees and even if the price is a couple hundred more than the supposed "discount" offered through RCI Travel then it is still overall less since you wouldn't have invested THOUSANDS to begin with. RCI Platinum was an "upgrade" for another $8,000.00 this last fall (I'm just now discovering it's the same BS empty promises as I was initially scammed into) which is anything BUT platinum prices or services.

I've been looking for deals through the website and so far it says I can pay "this much for that" but once I click "book" the price jumps up HUNDREDS of dollars. Also, they have longer wait times and less hours when you call the Platinum membership phone number so I was better off calling the regular number to get general information or get transferred back to platinum which MIGHT mean a shorter wait time. Overall, Save your money on this SCAM because all they do is talk about promises of this and that but can't fulfill any because they are overbooked, they DO charge as you go despite your investment, and any desirable deals are if you have the time and money to purchase in their last minute deals(30 day or less reservation) but I'm sure even that is impossible, it's the one thing I can't review because I've yet to have time and money to go to any of their 30 day or less destinations.

Moral of the story: Pay as you go through sites like booking.com, etc. In the long run you will SAVE $ not buying into the empty promises BS of a timeshare.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rci Timeshare Vacation Ownership.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Monetary Loss: $18000.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Rci Timeshare Cons: Empty promises, Exchange trade is a joke, Outrageous fees, Customer service, No consistency.

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RCI is not even worth the effort to comment. flat out and quick. they are rip off artist.

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