Valletta, Malta
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The Radisson Blu hotel looks amazing, however, hidden inside is a company called Azure who call themselves a Holiday Vacation Club but are really Timeshare Rotweilers!!!!!! We were asked to visit the hotel for a 1 hour show-round for which we would receive 2 hop on hop bus tickets or Euros 50, as it was raining, and I really liked the look of the hotel and thought I could use it for work, we decided to go along!!!!! 4 hours later we were still there!!!!!! and the Euro 50 turned into a Euro 30 travel voucher!!!!!! I was not impressed!!!! The product they have sounds amazing until you look into all the hidden costs!!!!! We were offered a package for almost £23,000, when we said it was too expensive it was suddenly lowered to £16,500!!!! Just like that, no quibbles!!!!!! I tried to take the sheet of paper detailing the costs away with me but was told it wasn't allowed!!!! How dodgy is that????? We spoke to some of the hotel residents as we were leaving and they said that they are quite often approached by the timeshare staff whilst they are trying to relax and pushed into going to one of their 'one hour show-rounds'!!!!!!

Beware!!!!! My advice would be to keep away from the hotel completely!!!! Good luck if you do get caught, but please be strong!

Product or Service Mentioned: Rci Timeshare Timeshare Selling.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Rci Timeshare Cons: Company or staff - rip off merchanges.

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