Charlotte, NC, USA

No one is going to help you get out of timeshare for free. Be careful with the companies that ask for money up front.

Make sure these companies have at least paid to be apart of the BBB. (even though the BBB is biggest scam too. youtube BBB 60 minutes for a good laugh) With that being said the reason these companies operate this way is because the companies that offer timeshare relief get scammed by consumers too. What I mean by this is when a customer has to pay to get out of something they don't want they feel like they got burned twice.

The company pays a title service and a lawyer to get name removed from contracts and deed then the consumer doesn't pay for the service. It's not cheap but it's better than paying these big companies for a product that doesn't work. I know if you are reading this you probably want out of your timeshare.

Sorry to tell you the harsh reality but there is a way out at least. If you have more questions or need help you can contact me @ 704-800-6742

Reason of review: They do what they say.

Rci Timeshare Cons: No availability and fees go up.

  • Maintenance Fees
  • Availability
  • Scam
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