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I am a RCI points person.I have 80,000 points and can borrow another 20,000.

I called to book 2 airline tickets. The first agent said the tickets would cost $2600 and I could only use 25000 points towards them, a value 0f $250. A second agent said the tickets would cost $5000 and i could still only use 25000 points. That's a lot of inflation in a space of 15 minutes.

For people considering buying a points membership to use for alternate travel don't bother.

This company is very difficult to deal with.I found cheaper tickets myself.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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Tigerton, Wisconsin, United States #937000

How can the company affaiates tell you you can get a free flight by using your points what a bunch of garbage use your points for what and still pay $$$$$$$.Is this just a plain rip off when paying the money out really.

What good is it. What a bunch of ***. Can't use ALLIGIANT they want you to use delta and pay 2 times as much really.

At this point very upset aggrievated ready to throw in the towel.Screw it they don't seem to carry what the customers want just give them what they want you to have really

Roma, Lazio, Italy #771389

Mai più RCI scambi a 190 € x 2 sett.= € 380 + tessera socio+ accoppiamento sett.

+ ***. si arriva quasi a € 600 . le vostre offerte? Quasi tutte sett.

in BASSA stagione e se lo scambio è in alta stagione va a finire che una settimana si deve scambiare *** 2 ""potere di scambio RCI ?????? ""

NOO!!!!! GRAZIE posso spendere meglio i miei € 600,00

SOCI RCI CANCELLIAMOCI TUTTI e affittiamo per conto nostro le nostre sett.

non depositiamo più alla RCI travel.E' l'unica soluzione



RCI vacation says they can beat any cheap air ticket out in the market. Is this true?


Hi Anon Emouse (quite a clever name!), in light of rising costs within the aviation industry, airlines are unfortunately no longer available as Points Partners options for UK members. We note your desire to utilise your Points for flight reservations. Unfortunately, while we fully appreciate your disappointment with this decision, we feel we must point out that it was taken due to general increases in the costs associated with air travel (e.g. continual increases in the cost of aviation fuel resulting in higher ticket costs). The increased prices among the airlines which formed part of our existing Points Partner programme led us to conclude that these partners no longer represented sufficient value to our members. While we do understand your disappointment, we hope you understand that such increases are beyond our control.

We remain steadfastly committed to offering the Points Partner programme to our members both now and into the future and as such we will be looking to add new value into the programme throughout 2012 and beyond. If you have any further questions about the RCI Points Partner programme you can contact us at

- Kathleen M.

RCI Customer Care


In the UK we have been told that we can't use points to pay for flights with points partners. Are the rules for US customers different to UK? We've never been told about the 33% ceiling either.


Hi Isotyles, we're sorry to hear that you've encountered some difficulty trying to book flights using the RCI Points Partner program. As an RCI Points member who has access to this program, you may use up to 33% of your annual allotment of points toward Points Partner products each calendar year, including airfare, car rental, and hotels. For members who receive fewer than 75,000 points annually, up to 25,000 points may be used per calendar year. (For members of certain clubs, these amounts are different.) It sounds like the information you were given was correct - that you can use a fixed amount of Points toward the purchase of flights. However, RCI does not have any control over the market price fluctuations of those flights.

We invite you to email if there's anything we can do to assist you, whether it is booking flights or confirming a vacation exchange. We're here to help in any way we can.

-Kathleen M.

RCI Customer Care

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