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Paid over $900 for this absolute rip off. Came back from a cruise in march on the Royal Caribbean 'voyager of the seas" 14 days and it cost $1600.

This mob want over $5000 for seven days. This is RCI's biggest scam yet.

All the cruises are double the normal price so there is no "half Price"

Just another scam by RCI. my god you should hang your head in sham. Disgrace RCI.

I will spread your name to everyone I can and let them know this is just a rip off you have arranged between your company and a very limited group of cruise companies.Have a look at how much the captain cook cruises are in South Australia. My god you would want to be on the Queen Mary for the price this mob want.

Monetary Loss: $900.

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Their website has been terrible for 25 years and now you can not get an exchange to a nice place with the beach on site but they will be happy to sell you one as an extra vacation.Wyndham is taking over and they don't care because they don't have to.


My husband and I have have used many 241 certificates in the past 5 years and have saved almost $8000 in that time. We always compare costs with other agents & the cruise line before booking and have never been disappointed.

Maybe because we can travel at the drop of a hat we get the best deals.

Looking forward to our next 3 booked cruises. Love 241


My experience with RCI is that the best deals and the lowest prices and exchange points required are available when you travel off season and have lot's of flexibility. If you are working and have kids in school, then it limits you to peak time - not so good...


I have compared My241 cruise price with the price offered by the cruise company.

Same ship, same cruise, same date in 2017, same cabin type.

It works out that the total AUD price with My241 (for two people), balcony cabin = $4,373.60 AUD

Princess Cruises total AUD price (for two people) balcony cabin = $6,735.32 AUD

This represents a saving of $2,361.72 AUD

I don't see a problem in this case. Am I missing something?


I have booked many cruises on this program using the certs and have never had any issues. I have found in every case the cost for 2 people is at least $500 cheaper than anywhere else. Maybe you aren't comparing the same cruise cabin, date or even cruise ship!?


They are still claiming bogus 2-for-1 pricing deals where the taxes and port charges are inflated 10 times the actual amount, and the cruise itself is over priced by at least $1000. If you're not sure, do a price check on the cruise line site and you will see the prices don't compare - you are NOT getting a free second traveller.


We just booked a transpacific cruise and the dearest price I could get was $5998 pp inc port charges. RCI 241 price for the first person is $8354 inc port charges for the first person, inflated prices when reading the how the RCI My242 cruise works, it’s supposed to reflect the brochure price. This is false advertising so will report to consumer affairs


Suzy Did you end up reporting RCI 2 for 1 to consumer affairs?


Had the same experience with this cruise package we cannot even use it due to my family needing to take holidays in school holidays period only, website is useless $900 lost, and to extend the offer for a further 12 months another $500, no thanks why on earth would you throw more money down the drain, sent the coordinator a message in disgust no word at all, shame rci shame, told them not to bother me with their offers anymore. Agree the platinum membership is a waste of time as well


We've found the same thing. How *** were we?

We believed what they said. Could we take it to the fair trade tribunal?

It's definitely false advertising.


I have exactly the same issues - not that there are ever any cruises you want when you want them.

We have platinum RCI and was told recently that it is not worth the paper it is written on.



* Your 2 for 1 is charged on BROCHURE PRICE (many $100s more than any agent or the cruise line itself will charge)

* Higher port fees and taxes than anyone else charges on both passengers

*$200 to redeem a voucher that you have already paid for ?????

All this and for only $900 they will give you the choice of limited cabins (usually the more expensive ones) on a very limited number of cruises on very limited dates.

Save yourself time, money and frustration - do it yourself or go to an agent.


Yes I think you are right I havent been able to use mine its only on a select few cabins and over price managed to get back about

$600 worth of it in other things. Not happy Jan

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