Hah, my wife and I just went through the same thing in Las Vegas for the Grandview on 9/12/2011.Well, he is correct they sell "vacation ownership exchanges to their members".

If I have a deed for a property then I OWN something don't I? Whatever! Don't fall for the deal! Boy, they almost had us there but the hook got bent and slipped out of our mouths and we swam back to the strip and all is well.

I am sure there are people out there who are probably enjoying this type of things.So

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Hi there. While Grandview sells vacation ownership, RCI offers the services of vacation exchange to owners at our affiliated properties (Grandview being one of them). We’re the largest timeshare exchange network in the world -- we provided more than 1.5 million vacations to our members last year.

Here at RCI we take member satisfaction very seriously, as well as comments that we hear from non-members who could someday become vacation owners and RCI members. We’re listening, and we encourage you to send an email to us at talktous@rci.com with more specific information about your particular experience at Grandview so that we can share your feedback with our resort services team.


to RCI Tampa, Florida, United States #755984

If that's the case why is it that your customer service today was so horrible that it forced me to look up lawsuits filed against your company.I was told that I could trade my weeks in to RCI and if a resort is not available (for $199)I would be booked in a 4 Star hotel for a week.

The RCI rep, I talked to acted not only surprised to hear that but indicated that she never knew a program like that existed. Now after being on the phone with Grand View, RCI for well over a hours trying to have someone book me a week hotel in New York it seemed like Mission Impossible. I'm a CPA and the tax law is less complicated than this $50,000+ investment.

Why so complicated is because they are banking on us to forfeit our contract so they keep the deposit money at the very very high interest rate.:cry

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