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What follows is the copy of my email sent directly to RCI regarding the block on my points.For other Xanadu Timeshare members who may read this, complaints about Xanadu Vacations Intl not meeting its contractual obligations, if I am reading my contract correctly, should be taken up with the Bahamian courts.

I will include them in all my written communication. I urge others to do the same

"I am a timeshare owner at Xanadu Beach Resort and Marina in Freeport, Grand Bahama Island. I understand that this resort is no longer affiliated with RCI as of 9/28/11 and therefore in future cannot exchange my timeshare weeks through RCI. No problem.

My issue has to do with my points from 2010 and perhaps 2011. In 2010 there was an affiliation, I had access to these points in August 2011 but in now in November 2011 I do not? To say that Xanadu put a block on my points doesn't make sense. I have a contractual agreement with you, RCI, separate from my contractual agreement with Xanuadu Vacations International Limited.

If you were willing to book a vacation for me in August using 2010 points how can Xanadu Vacations International Limited stop you from letting me use those same points now?You no longer have an agreement with them and but you and I have a contract!"

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Houston, Texas, United States #962045

Is anyone aware of a lawsuit against Xanadu owners for not providing facilities for owners as per our contract?I am receiving DEMAND letters for maintenance payments for 2015 but have not been able to use Xanadu or any of the 2 hotels (nowhere near comparable) they (Tyrone Thurston) directed us to use.

I understand the Xanadu property is sold and the hotels are closed so we actually have no place to book a timeshare week but they are demanding maintenance fees.

I consider this stealing.If there is a suit, please sign me up.


Just received another bill for $500.This time it was not from Conrad but it was from Xanadu Vacation Club.

We didn't send them any money last time either.Has anyone taken legal action or gotten out of their contract?


Any news on the Xandau Vacation Club scam?We are also owners since 2003.

We have actually stayed there maybe twice since then. Major discombobulation each time, everything you can imagine from no rooms with air conditioning and no working elevator in a 12+ story building. We paid off the price for the club membership and continue to get maintenance fees, originally $475.00, now up to $875.00 and who knows why the bill say $1,725.00. But still only outlines details for the $875.00.

I, too, am unable and have been unable for years to contact anyone at Xanadu to either remedy situation or make a reservation (God forbid). The contract I have says many things that have not been held accountable by the Xanadu Vacation Club. Therefore, I believe that if any part of the contract is not met by either party it is considered null. Also, originally, supposed to be enrolled in RCI points, however, it never happened.

RCI had no record, when I questioned Xanadu, they assured me it was taken care of. Never happened, so Xanadu offered a free week at Xanadu in return. Ughh.. We do have a contractual right to the finances of the company and they seem unavailable to view and have never been sent to me.

My contract says, "15. In the event of default by the club, member's remedies shall be limited solely to the return of the member's payments made pursuant to this agreement." Obviously, the club HAS DEFAULTED since it is no longer open or available to...

Therefore, Xandau Vacation Club is actually no longer in existence. I am refusing to pay anymore dues until I hear from Xanadu directly.

Add me to the list if you are still pursuing legal implications.

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Two Harbors, Minnesota, United States #641241

:( Same boat.I wrote a letter to the Minnesota Department of Justice and have not heard any response as of lately.

Still trying to get something going.

I think Conrad is also to blame here.Such a pain in the ***.

Portland, Oregon, United States #615060

We joined Xanadu Vacation club early in 2004 and despite several attempts over the years, we have only returned once in May 2010.We were saddened to see the degraded state it was in.

Hurricane damage and the economy has hit it hard. We hadn't heard anything from them and thought they had closed for good until we got the bill for the maintenance fees! Tyrone Thurston, the VP of operations, assured us that he could arrange our vacation at a comparable resort. After emailing back and forth for several months over the amount with Conrad, we were ready for him to come through on his offer.

But after they got their money, he stopped answering our emails.

We filed a complaint with our state department of justice against Conrad and we would encourage you all to do the same. If enough people file complaints about Conrad charging maintenance fees for a resort that cannot be used, we should be able to get out from under this financial burden. Please tell us how much your fees are.

We got a notice that the 2012 fees were increasing to $975 for our 2 bedroom. Then after we complained and paid it anyway, to protect our credit history, they recanted and reduced it to $675. However, we didn't get a refund or credit towards the next year's fees. And the next yr.

they charged $975 and we fought tooth and nail to get them to accept $675 without late charges or other penalties and damage to our credit. Now, its happening all over again with them...

but its been over a week and no response.Keep in touch.

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I am in the same boat as everyone else.Please contact me to let me know what is going on.

I want in on the law suit. They have not honored my membership since 2008 and I continue to make my yearly maintance fee.

Now they say I owe more plus additional late fees.There is a scam and I want to get this said and done with.


I am a owner and can't book anything there I hear they are closed. Conrad give me a Tyrone Thurston who never anwser phone or email.


I have been arguing with Conrad Acceptance/Conrad Credit Corp since February and now they are trying to file a collections claim for the "maintenance" fee for 2012.Let's get this lawsuit moving.

Do we need to contact the Bahamian government?

State of California against Conrad?Has anyone contacted BBB to see what we should do?


Please let me know when a class action suit is filed!


Hi all, I have the same issue...I was a weeks member of RCI since April of '06 through Xanadu.I CONSTANTLY tried to deposit my weeks since I never wanted to go back to the Bahamas again but only managed to deposit 1 out of the 4 I was promised.

I can still see 3 of them just waiting on RCI and am now hoping to get a refund from Conrad. After contact RCI, they informed me that they will never be able to honor those weeks since Xanadu is no longer affiliated with them.

So, I've contacted Conrad through the email address on this forum and after doing so, was reminded of another contact I dealt with when I thought I was dealing directly with Xanadu named Nellie Forbes, ( let me know if anyone has made any progress with this issue.

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