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I signed an RCI Cruise and Resort Vacations contract and now I am wishing I never come in contact with it. Be careful, this is an "iron clad contract that you cannot get out of, no matter how disappointed you are in the "products" they are providing.

I was disappointed that cruise upgrades which I was told would be available for free are pretty expensive for the cruises in which I am interested. The hotel option in lieu of the resort part of the vacation is not available outside of the US. The resorts in the US and the very few in Europe are either their lower classes of resorts or way off the beaten path. If you want a resort in Mexico, then the options are pretty good. Of course, you may not feel too safe in Mexico these days, so there is plenty of availability there.

In my attempts to communicate with RCI, my minimum wait time on the phone has been 20 minutes with 30 to 40 minutes being the case on a couple of occasions. Sometimes, as they switched me between departments, the wait cycle would begin all over again. One time after having one of their people leave a message for someone to call me back, the return call never came.

I called RCI to get out of the contract. I was told that after the 10 day rescission period, there is no way out. I was told that I do have not have any legal recourse. I offered to buy my way out of the contract by paying a cancellation fee, still no way. Satisfying a customer does not appear to be one of the corporate tenents of RCI.

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I wasted my money buying an RCI WEEKS timeshare.It is a big waste and I regret it!

We also have to pay an exchange fee.

Please do not buy a time share.It is not worth it at all!!!

Columbia, Maryland, United States #672783


The package adds up to approx. $2000 plus cruise port fees and taxes. You may even have to pay for upgrades. THIS IS WHAT THEY DON'T TELL YOU WHEN THEY ARE SELLING YOU THIS PIECE OF JUNK.

Oh, I was told by the representative after complaining that the expiration date is actually a book by date and to book the resort six months out because that is when there are more inventory available but book the cruise 12-18 months out. NICE AND CONFUSING!

THIS PACKAGE IS A RIP-OFF AND YOU WILL BE BETTER OFF FINDING YOUR OWN DEALS.I will be writing the president and sending the information to a couple of news stations.


My comments pretty much agree with most of the others. This deal sounded too good to be true so I will just add a few new ideas that explain why it isn't a good deal. First of all you won't save any money because of the hidden costs including something I think they label as "NCCF" which are supposedly port fees. I just booked my second cruise through the RCI Cruise and Resort Vacation package with Royal Carribean. I double checked the costs on the Royal Carribean website for the exact same package and only saved $475 which for the cost of the RCI package does not recoup the cost of the RCI package. Royal Carribean does not add this $200 per person fee which without that price would make the RCI package fair.

Being under time constraints to complete the package (we had to book before our expiration date or lose the remaining cruise) plus no appreciable savings makes this a bad deal.

Finally the salesman who promised us the world and that he would be there to take care of is apparently no longer with the company because he is never there when we try his extension. I think the time share salespeople who are run off because of their shady dealings end up here for a short time.


Los Angeles, California, United States #670167

This by far has been the most horrible purchase I've ever made!! I will never purchase anything like this again.. My advice to anyone interested in purchasing this " You are better off charging your card for the full amount of a cruise and/or any resort stay!!"

Lawrence Township, New Jersey, United States #654622

I wish I found these comments before I bought into the RCI cruise scam!I trusted them and I Got Burnt BIG TIME!

I wasted my money.

I could have purchased any cruise for much less thru my travel agent of thru the cruise line.RCI is are making money by marking up cruises.


Do not -repeat- DO NOT sign up for one of RCI's great deals for a cruise and resort vacation for under $2000.00.By the time you add in the port fees and taxes on the cruise and the all inclusive fees on the resort vacation you are paying the same as if you had booked a vacation on your own.

There is NO savings. And you end up going somewhere you did not want to go to because their available "inventory" is not at all what they claim it to be.

You are extremely limited.Remember: if it is too good to be true it probably isn't.


I am a very disappointed customer.The only way this package has value is if you are very flexible and willing to take lower level cruises in bad staterooms.

This is a liquidation program. The cruises and condo properties are undesirable places in undesirable locations.

It is essential that you upgrade to get anything decent.This program is misrepresented and a very poor investment.


Interesting... I purchased 2 packages and I was on the contrary, I was very pleased. I dont know about anyone else but I was promised exactly what I received. Also I loved the flexibility that the package offered and it afforded me to take my kids on a cruise, It was very affordable and with e-z payment lay away plan.

I cruised with Royal Caribbean which is my favorite cruiseline although I did cruise on Princess with my first package earlier this year.



WOW, I am really disappointed that I trusted RCI to be an upfront company.Am surprise a BIG hotel like the one in LV is connected to such a shady company.

I guess we are out a ton of money for what we thought we were buying. I wished I could see some positive reviews. Boy did I get taken in.. What an EXPENSIVE lesson..

Guess I won't be recommending this to any of our friends. Bummer--Wished I hadn't been such a believer in people.

guess I should have know we'd get taken to the cleaners in LV..just didn't think it would have been this way.


I am a 15 year RCI member dealing with my timeshare.When approached about the resort and cruise vacation package, I dodged the bullet when I asked to get something in writing prior to committing.

They were unable to provide that and subsequently suggested I look at their website with them. When I told them I wanted to look before buying and would get back to them. they said the would try me again next year.

Lucked out.:zzz

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