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We had this timeshare for 3 yrs and finally went to use it. Searched for a vacation on the website for quite awhile on Friday 7/21/17.

Searching for Hawaii islands a year in advance of travel and nothing but *** options came up. I finally spoke with someone from RCI and they mentioned that you rarely if ever get any of the good islands at Hawaii because nobody wants to give them up. Of course this is not what the salesman at Grandview Las Vegas resorts told us when he sold us our timeshare. We wanted this timeshare specifically for Hawaii and Disney and that's what we told him.

Boy did he jump on that...he showed us all these great GOLD CROWN places to stay at Maui...all the great islands and Disney too!!! We ended up buying 1 week every even year and what they call a bonus week that had travel restrictions on it for $10,000. When I mentioned to the RCI rep on the phone what we were told by our salesman she said that that was not their responsibility...RCI didn't sell you the timeshare, we just help book and manage the travel to it. This is of course a bunch of...These companies are all in it together.

My wife and I finally just gave up on Hawaii. We decided to book a trip to Orlando in January of 2018. After searching a while we found a place that was close and got great reviews but did not take up too many points (Orlando's Sunshine Resort II (#5592)). Literally at 5:01pm when I went to book it on my computer I got an error message that said I had to call rci support.

I called but nobody was there. The office had closed at 5:00pm. I rebooted my computer and tried again...then it said I had a vacation on hold and had to release it...I didn't. I called the emergency number and left a message several times.

I had errors the whole weekend. When I called on Monday 9am in the morning I spoke with several support people and they were all having problems with their computers. I told Jeremy the number of the resort and travel slot we were looking for. Was put on hold for ever and then he came back and said there was a problem with my account and they could not do anything.

His supervisor filled out a help desk request for IT for me. Apparently the problem was only happening with MY account. I asked if he could just search vacations another way to at least put a hold on it manually for me. He said there was nothing more he could do and told me it could be a couple of days or so.

I asked if someone could notify me when my account was okay. He said no. Yes that's right!!! I was told to just keep trying on my own and there was absolutely nothing they could do.

I was frustrated told Jeremy that I didn't believe it was just my account and thought it was the whole system because another customer service rep told me she was having computer issues in general and did not say it was just my account. I did apologize to Jeremy...after all I was not mad a him, just the company and management itself. Warning do not every buy a time share unless you plan to stay wherever you buy all the time. We bought in Las Vegas and planned on never using it...just trading it in for power/points to travel elsewhere.

Got suckered into it. It's our fault for not researching. You are better off booking vacations on your own and searching for the best options. Timeshares make you pay maintenance fees and you also have to pay subscriptions fees to RCI that has really bad service.

In addition when you book at their vacation resorts there are additional "stay" and housekeeping fees.

These are sometimes weekly and sometimes a daily fee. In the end its at the very least the same price if you book on your own without all the hassle and BS.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rci Timeshare Vacation Ownership.

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