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When I bought my time share, RCI assured me that availability was not a problem because only members of the program can access the timeshares.I have since learned that availability is a serious problem, RCI engages in the practice of skimming a large percentage of the timeshares from the system, including many prime timeshares, and renting them to the general public at a profit to RCI, or selling them to vendors who then rent them to the general public.

As a result, no matter how meticulously one follows RCI's rules and procedures, and no matter how far in advance one begins looking for a desirable exchange, one simply cannot find available destinations.Since RCI does not allow extending points into the following year without a $99.00 payment one is forced to either forfeit the points or pay an additional $99.00.

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I do agree availability is a problem.I can never get space when I want to go.

It appears that there is overselling of some sort so that there is no availability for months.

It's quite frustrating.I want to go on vacation when I want to - not when RCI cna squeeze me in.


Hi Rwburgh, we'd like to take this opportunity to provide some clarification and offer our assistance. While, we do rent inventory (which we obtain from various sources) under various circumstances, we will never rent inventory in a way that compromises the exchange system (in terms of quality or quantity). Furthermore, there is sometimes a misunderstanding around about RCI’s role in the timeshare industry. We do not sell timeshare or own or operate any timeshare properties. Instead, we provide exchange services to timeshare owners at our affiliated properties. This exchange service is designed to offer flexibility and choice to timeshare owners who are RCI subscribing members.

Typically, popular destinations during school break times and areas where we have few affiliated resorts are more difficult to exchange into. However, it does help to plan far in advance and to start an Ongoing Search at RCI Weeks affiliated resorts (which you also have access to as an RCI Points subscribing member). If you provide us with your account information we'll be happy to look into your account and recommendation some vacation options for you. You can email us at

Please also note that Points are saved automatically at the end of the Use Year in which they were allocated, and there is no fee providing that you have used at least some of those Points in that Use Year. The fee you mention applies to extending more than 14,000 Points into a 3rd Use...

We invite you to email us at to discuss your concerns further. Your satisfaction is our priority, so let's see what we can do to help get you an exchange vacation that you'll love!

-Kathleen M.

RCI Customer Care

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