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Thought we'd set our FAMILY up as our kids grew for better opportunities to vacation. Possibly making it something we could do once a year if we planned it out right from a financial perspective.

Well... we constantly can not go to the places we want to. Example: We've tried Disney with an ongoing search for over a year with no luck. The ONE & ONLY reason we switched to RCI was the promise of "You can book Disney!".

I called customer service to find out if I had done something wrong with my ongoing search that so much time had gone by and we hadn't gotten any hits (we have literally every Disney property on our search), I was laughed at by the customer service representative who proceeded to tell me, "Oh, those never come available, I've literally never seen anyone book those"... WHAT!?!? After my major let down and months of "I give up", I finally tried looking at different options, such as a Disney cruise. After 1 hour and 30 minutes of time spent on the phone to simply verify/inquire as to pricing that I saw through the website - I found out that nothing listed was "available".

I was given the "last unit for your family size that there is" & quoted a price of $10,200. That's after the 40,000 points deduction and a $219 exchange fee. Well, I went online to Disney's cruise line directly and guess what??? I can book it directly with them for...

wait for it... $6,600!! Yep, same dates, same itinerary. REALLY???

Wow. Oh, can I also mention the guy helping me lacked complete ability to clearly communicate on a basic level (i.e. saying your name wrong even though you've corrected him 4 times among many, many other basic things!). He also was pushy - trying to get me to just see that this was "the best I could get & I really need to book it today so that I don't lose the room or the price".

Additionally, before the cruise, I looked at the all inclusive resorts in Mexico. I called 3 of them and the prices to book directly were the near or exactly the same as the cost for exchange... leading you to say, "why the heck am I paying all these fees for something I could have just done on my own!?".

Timeshare - RCI - whatever, I'm over it. Dumbest idea ever.

This reviewer shared experience about poor customer service and wants this business to offer any options to resolve the issue as the author lost $30000. This person is overall dissatisfied with Rci Timeshare. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Henderson, Nevada, United States #1111755

what do you own, tell us that! Probably a cheap timeshare, thats why you can't go nowhere.......


My husband and I were on vacation and attended a RCI timeshare presentation. Everything sounded good and we had never owned a timeshare so we bought into RCI.

Big Mistake!!! The whole thing began as a nightmare. To make a long story short the whole thing was pretty much just a lie. Some places we were told we could vacation at were not available and the dates they were available were not vacationing times.

The fees were constantly going up. It felt like i had no control and was just wasting money. So i started researching ways to get rid of timeshares. I looked into timeshare exit team, etc.

just seemed like it would cost me more money with little to no results. I came across a story about timeshare cancellation attorneys. I did my research and came Aaronson Law Group. They told me how they plan take care of my timeshare and I loved what I heard so I hired them.

In about 2 1/2 months time they had got my timeshare cancelled. It cost us about $2000, was very much worth every penny and saved me money from ongoing rising fees and the feeling of wasting money. I do think there are some good timeshares out there but RCI is not one of them. (Marriott and Hilton are the ones we have now and they are great)I recommend at least checking out some timeshare attorneys and see if you like what they say.

Check out testimonials and do your research. There are good people out there who can help like they did with us!

to PamL10 Henderson, Nevada, United States #1111761

you are such a liar, to post this is a diservice to people who would like to own. First of RCI is not a timeshare, you say that they are.Next you say Hilton is a good one (true) but Hilton is affiliated with RCI so your *** post makes no sense. liar you don't own.

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